A decade ago I set out to write an historical novel about my parents and their time in China as medical missionaries. But my own story kept surfacing, demanding to be told. Recognizing I had limited experience writing from a personal perspective, I took a community college course on memoir writing. That led me to a nine-month skills-building program through The Narrative Project, which I completed in 2017. Years of participating in two critique groups, one emerging from the Narrative Project, have honed my writing style and my story.

Writing also played a major role in my thirty-five-year environmental career. The last twelve years I worked in partnership with the National Park Service Conservation Study Institute (now the Stewardship Institute). During that time, I authored or coauthored a dozen publications on community engagement, collaboration, and conservation stewardship, which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Selected Published Works

“Ashes and Rivers,” a chapter in the anthology True Stories: The Narrative Project, Vol I, Penchant Press International, Bellingham, WA; 2019. Adapted from Whispers From the Valley of the Yak.

Tuxill, Jacquelyn L., Philip B. Huffman, Daniel N. Laven, and Nora J. Mitchell. Shared Legacies in Cane River National Heritage Area: Linking People, Traditions, and Landscapes. A Technical Assistance Report for the Cane River National Heritage Area Commission. Final Report. Woodstock, VT: Conservation Study Institute, 2008.

Tuxill, Jacquelyn L., Nora J. Mitchell, and Jessica Brown. Conservation and Collaboration: Lessons Learned from National Park Service Partnerships in the Western United States. Conservation and Stewardship Publication No. 6. Woodstock, Vermont: Conservation Study Institute, 2004.