Looking for editing help? I offer three decades of success overseeing diverse projects that involve writing, critiquing, editing, and proofreading. Everything from brochures to short essays, grant proposals, detailed reports, and book-length manuscripts — I have done it all.

I can tackle convoluted sentences (often my own!) and eliminate unnecessary words to bring clarity to the message or the story line. I can spot misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, and dangling participles. I have even “translated” a PhD thesis so it’s understandable for a general audience.

I enjoy working with an author to polish their manuscript so the story and voice shine and view all projects I undertake as a collaboration with the author. Preserving the author’s voice is paramount.


What are your projects? I would enjoy assisting you on something as small as a brochure or as long as a book-length manuscript and everything in between. Although I prefer working with narrative nonfiction, especially memoir, I welcome young adult and certain fiction genres. I can help in these areas listed below. Please contact me for rates at jacquelyntuxill (at) gmail.com

Simple copyediting for tense consistency, grammar, syntax, punctuation, clarity of writing. Also more advanced copyediting (sometimes called line editing) that focuses at the line and paragraph level of a manuscript.

A last run-through for spelling, grammar, punctuation, line spacing, consistent treatment of section headings, accuracy of table of contents, etc.

Copyediting Credentials

Member, Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)

Courses taken through EFA:
Intermediate Copyediting (four-week course)
Advanced Copyediting (six-week course)
Introduction to Line Editing Fiction and Creative Nonfiction (four-week course)
Proofreading (webinar)


“Jacquelyn Tuxill’s editing brought the manuscript of my latest book to a higher level. A stickler for detail, she found and corrected every glitch as well as commented on passages that could bear improvement or clarification. She knows grammar, punctuation, and formatting and worked with me to understand how I wanted the book presented. Ms. Tuxill is a valuable resource for any writer who wants to get her manuscript right before submitting for publication.”
Louella Bryant
Hot Springs and Moonshine Liquor (2020)

“Jacquelyn Tuxill copyedited my full-length historical novel (95,000 words). Her attention to detail in ensuring stylistic consistency, correct usage of historical terms, as well as correcting punctuation and grammar errors was top-notch. Easy to communicate with and prompt, she finished the project in a timely manner, which resulted in a polished manuscript for submittal to publishers and agents. I highly recommend Ms. Tuxill.”
Sally Baldwin
The Wonderful Topperweins (forthcoming)

“Jacquelyn Tuxill copyedited my manuscript, a middle school fantasy about the magical empowerment of a young Peruvian American girl. Jackie’s knowledge of grammar and punctuation is impeccable, her critiques thorough. She read and re-read chapter after chapter, helping me see what did and didn’t work, encouraging some aspects and gently discouraging me from others. I highly recommend Jackie for her skill as an editor.”
Liza Myers
Corrie Canchari and the Jar of Manchakuy