The environmental leadership of Jimmy Carter

With the recent news that President Jimmy Carter is now in hospice care, I’ve read several retrospectives on the global impact he has had over his long, productive life. As a long-time admirer, I offer my own tribute to Jimmy Carter’s foresightedness…

Exciting News

I haven’t blogged for a while, but it’s been for a really great reason. My memoir, Whispers from the Valley of the Yak, is in the publication pipeline, to be released in September 2023!

Living With War

An introduction to a periodic series of journal posts reflecting on living with war, both past and present.

A Frigid Winter Adventure

Several weeks ago I watched my outside thermometer drop to -13° Fahrenheit by bedtime, not an unusual winter temperature for Vermont. But that isn’t the coldest weather I’ve experienced, not by a long shot.

Mom’s Chinese diploma

My mother earned two medical degrees, the first in 1936 and the second twelve years later. She always displayed the 1936 Chinese diploma in the most prominent spot.

Olfactory memories

When I was a child, every now and then I would find my parents slicing and dicing garlic, ginger, vegetables, and meats—a sure sign they were getting ready to cook a Chinese meal.

Love of Mountains

My love of mountains began in childhood in the Appalachian mountains…but living in Alaska changed my life.

The Minya Konka, 1932

An oil painting of a stunning mountain landscape hung in my childhood home.…Few people outside of the mountaineering world know of this mountain on the eastern rim of the Tibetan plateau, but in my family the Minya Konka is the stuff of stories.


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