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Whispers from the Valley of the Yak weaves an intergenerational story about the power of forgiveness and authenticity. Jacquelyn Tuxill takes the reader from China, where she was born to medical missionaries, to Alaska, New England, and back to China. With her adult children, Jackie retraces her parents’ 1932 path to the eastern rim of the Tibetan Plateau.

“This memoir will take readers on a journey they won’t want to end.”
~Louella Bryant, author of Sheltering Angel

“…a wonderful book, brave in its candidness.”
~Jed Williamson, past president, American Alpine Club

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About Jacquelyn Tuxill

Jackie’s life has been anything but ordinary from the very beginning. She was born in 1942 to medical missionary parents in Chengdu, China. Two and a half years later her family fled the escalating war between China and Japan, flying “over the Hump” of the Himalaya Mountains to India. In Mumbai they waited six months for passage home to the United States. While there Jackie turned three years old.

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